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Well done Google, we know you care about the future of the web with your WebM Project (VP8)

May 20, 2010

Yes, it’s been announced as predicted:

All I can say is well done Google, they’ve truly done the right thing and could have single-handedly helped to preserve the future of video on the web! They’ve also hit the ground running with a very impressive list of people backing the format, such as:

Adobe Flash platform
Mozilla / Firefox
CORE Codec
Logitech and more!

Why is this all so important?

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Opera 10.5 vs Chrome-5.0 Dev – Fastest browser on earth?

March 3, 2010

So Opera 10.5 is out. Naturally I can’t just take somebodies word that it’s faster than Chrome, which I’ve been happily using for around a year now, so I’m giving it a good run for its money and posting right now from it.

Now I’ve long since left Internet Explorer, way back probably almost a decade ago (Wow I feel real old now) when Firefox was called Phoenix. Browsing was “fast”, and these flashy new things called Tabs were cool. I’ve bounced around a little bit over the years, mostly sticking with Firefox until Chrome came out. Again, it was love at first sight (or click?).

So, what do I think of Opera?

Well initial impressions are nice. It reminds me of Chrome in many ways, and I’m not about to go getting into who stole what from which browser, I really couldn’t care less. I want a browser thats fast, reliable, and renders pages well. So naturally, the first thing I do is load up Facebook! Read the rest of this entry ?


ChromiumOS review, “Flow” by Hexxeh – Feb ’10

February 20, 2010

Well after a friend IM’d me saying “Wow you have to check out ChromiumOS”, naturally, I had to try it out. I’ve always been a Google fan, and when I initially heard of what they’re trying to do with ChromeOS, I was of course excited about the possibilities for Netbooks.

Almost everything that I do these days is from the browser, with the exception of SSH’ing. I still have Pidgin that I use, but really aside from that it’s pretty much all from the browser. Webmail is a biggy, all my domains use GAFYD (And I’ve got several).

In a world that’s becoming increasingly web-based, I can see how it makes sense to have something like ChromiumOS. If they manage to sort out how to print and how to import pictures then it could be a real winner.

Yes, you’ve got to keep in mind that it’s not for everybody, some people are going to want to do the latest 3D games, I’m an avid DotA player myself. People will always want to do things outside of the browser.

However, add in to the fact that many people today are turning to Flash-based games, Facebook, Online photo sharing, video via YouTube, and you’re left wondering if there is a genuine place out there for a browser-based OK?

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