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Why VP8 matters

May 10, 2010

This post was made prior to the Google IO conference which is May 19 -> 20th, and as such things may change after this date.

VP8 is potentially a game-changer in the realm of both streaming, High-Definition, and mobile video devices. It also has the potential to help in the killing of Adobe Flash, and solve the HTML5 Video format war.

Currently there are two formats that are used in HTML5 Video by differing browsers: Ogg Theora and h.264

Both have support from different browsers, both have different camps fighting for their success, and both have their pros and cons.

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My thoughts on the WDTV Live

December 14, 2009

Yes, I’ve had my WDTV Live for a while now, and have had several requests for my thoughts on them.

They’re priced very nicely, mine cost $229 + GST on my account with PBTech. Just make sure you search for “WD TV Live”, and not “WDTV” or you’ll get the regular one without a LAN port.

I wanted to get myself a media player that could stream from my PC, as well as do HD MKV files in 1080p. It needed to also support h.263, as well as h.264 in both AVI and MP4 files, not to mention some of my stuff I’ve encoded with MP3 audio CBR / VBR, some I’ve encoded with AAC. It’s quite a mashup collection. I’d looked at a few others, Seagate had one, but they generally required you to plug your HDD in to them to use them.

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