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FTTH (Fibre-to-the-Home) and ADSL2+ in NZ

May 11, 2010

Having explained this now 5x in the last 24 hours, I decided it was time to blog about it.

This post summarizes why NZ broad band doesn’t “suck”, why FTTH isn’t going to solve what your problems are, and what you can do about it in the mean time.

It’ll also explain to you how “The Internet” works, here in New Zealand, as well as giving you some figures to compare us against the rest of the world.

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Speed up your internet with OpenDNS

November 22, 2009

If the button says “Sweeeeet” then good on you for doing the right thing and using OpenDNS. If it says “Get Started” then read on!


Use OpenDNS

What’s that you say? I can speed up my internet without doing anything? Surely not?

Well you’re kind of right, technically we’re not going to “speed it up”, however pages and websites will appear to load much faster, making better use of your connection. Read the rest of this entry ?