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Well done Google, we know you care about the future of the web with your WebM Project (VP8)

May 20, 2010

Yes, it’s been announced as predicted:

All I can say is well done Google, they’ve truly done the right thing and could have single-handedly helped to preserve the future of video on the web! They’ve also hit the ground running with a very impressive list of people backing the format, such as:

Adobe Flash platform
Mozilla / Firefox
CORE Codec
Logitech and more!

Why is this all so important?

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Opera 10.5 vs Chrome-5.0 Dev – Fastest browser on earth?

March 3, 2010

So Opera 10.5 is out. Naturally I can’t just take somebodies word that it’s faster than Chrome, which I’ve been happily using for around a year now, so I’m giving it a good run for its money and posting right now from it.

Now I’ve long since left Internet Explorer, way back probably almost a decade ago (Wow I feel real old now) when Firefox was called Phoenix. Browsing was “fast”, and these flashy new things called Tabs were cool. I’ve bounced around a little bit over the years, mostly sticking with Firefox until Chrome came out. Again, it was love at first sight (or click?).

So, what do I think of Opera?

Well initial impressions are nice. It reminds me of Chrome in many ways, and I’m not about to go getting into who stole what from which browser, I really couldn’t care less. I want a browser thats fast, reliable, and renders pages well. So naturally, the first thing I do is load up Facebook! Read the rest of this entry ?