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Google Wave is now available, and on your domain too!

May 26, 2010

Yes, that’s right, if you’re using Google Apps for your Domain, you can now enable Wave domain-wide! Best part is it’s totally free, and very easy to dive right in!

Google Wave has been in private-beta status since Google I/O 2009, and one year later it’s being opened to the public.

Google Wave is a realtime multi-user combination of both Instant Messaging, Email and Document collaboration service. Basically it means that as you write, the other people who are in the Wave with you (Think of it like a chat conversation) see what is being typed as it happens.

So, how do we get started?

If you already have Google Apps for your Domain, you can easily enable this feature for all of your accounts.

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Speed up your internet with OpenDNS

November 22, 2009

If the button says “Sweeeeet” then good on you for doing the right thing and using OpenDNS. If it says “Get Started” then read on!


Use OpenDNS

What’s that you say? I can speed up my internet without doing anything? Surely not?

Well you’re kind of right, technically we’re not going to “speed it up”, however pages and websites will appear to load much faster, making better use of your connection. Read the rest of this entry ?